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From $29.99
Matte BlackMarbleRose GoldRainbowOnyx LeopardWalnutGlitter MermaidWhiteGold LeopardBlack CamoGlitter Rainbow
Imperial Pint
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Rose Gold GlitterSilverGlitter PeacockMatte BlackMarbleGlitter VioletGlitter WhiteOnyx LeopardRainbow TitaniumMonsteraGlitter RainbowLight OliveBlack CamoSundownNeon Pink
Hopsulator Slim
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Glitter PeacockMatte BlackRose GoldStainlessWalnutGlitter AquaMarbleRainbowGlitter MermaidSeafoamNeon PinkDaisyGlitter PinkOnyx LeopardElectric GreenDesert TanAuraRoyal BlueIce WhiteGlitter RainbowPineappleBlushGlitter Rose GoldMatte GrayGold LeopardBlack CamoForest CamoSundown
UNCORK'D XL 14oz Wine Glass by BrüMate
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Glitter PeacockMatte BlackMarbleWalnutGlitter GoldWhite GlitterMermaid OmbreVioletGlitter VioletSeafoamElectric GreenSucculentHIBISCUSRainbowOnyx LeopardAuraLight OliveMonsteraGlitter RainbowGlitter BlushBlack Camo
Hopsulator BOTT'L
From $19.99
MarbleWalnutMatte BlackOnyx LeopardRoyal BlueElectric GreenLight OliveNeon PinkDesert TanCamoMatte ClayDark AuraRainbow TitaniumGlitter Rose GoldAquaGlitter MermaidGlitter White

Silo Men's Collection

Introducing The Silo Boutique's Silo Men's Collection, featuring premium brands like Duke Cannon and Brumate. Located in Warren, MN and Grand Forks, ND, our boutique goes beyond women's fashion to offer a carefully curated selection of men's accessories, and grooming products. From rugged grooming essentials to stylish drinkware, our Silo Men's Collection has everything the modern man needs.